Frequently Asked Questions

All of them. As a private company, we do not have contracts with any insurance companies.  This helps the customer be assured that we repair the vehicle to THEIR standards.  Again, its your car, and your choice.
A collision claim is caused by the driver of the vehicle, i.e- hit a guardrail, hit another car and you are at fault, hit a building. A comprehensive claim is when an accident is caused by nature. Tree fallen in the road, Animal strike, Hail damage.
No, you are fully in control of where your car is repaired, PERIOD. Insurance companies attempt to steer customers towards shops that they are affiliated with so they can save on the repair which usually results in a lesser quality job.
Your deductible is your the portion of your repair that you are responsible for if you are involved in an accident. For example, the total cost of repair on your vehicle is $1000 and you have a $250 dollar deductible. The insurance company will issue a check for $750, and your portion is due at the time of repair.
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